Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park

Banzai Roaring Rapids – Create Your Own Water Park At Home
Kids love to play outdoors in the warm Summer months, particularly in a pool or with water. So what better way to keep your kids entertained than with a Banzai Roaring Rapids. There is a large variety of Banzai Roaring Rapids ranging from a simple slippy slide that you place on the edge of an in ground swimming pool to an inflatable water park with numerous slides, climbing walls, water cannons and splash pools. This site features some of the top Banzai water slides available with a description and some of the special features of each product. Create your own home water park!

Banzai Roaring Rapids – Summer Fun Banzai Water Slide
Banzai Roaring Rapids have developed a reputation for creating inflatable water toys and other toys that are used when playing in a pool. At last count there were over 20 water slides available. Some of these slides are quite large and elaborate and are ideal if you want to entertain one or two kids or a large gang at a birthday party or some other gathering of this type.

Banzai Roaring Rapids are not cheap but they will keep you kids entertained throughout the summer months when they long to be playing outdoors in the sunshine. As one person put it, once inflated the water slide becomes a bit of a neighborhood attraction. Your kids will be keen to invite their friends round and whole afternoons, days, and school holidays will be taken up with playing on the slide.

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