Banzai Water Slide

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Banzai Water Slide represents awesome value at the moment and kids love the high water slide and racing action.

Banzai can take a lot of action. They are really fast to inflate and kids can spend hours sliding and having fun. Great for large families and parties too!

Banzai Water Slide are a very economical way to have a water slide at your home (it costs just as much to hire them!) and because they are very durable and last for years you’ll be able to take them to every family gathering and keep the kids (and adults) entertained all throughout summer.

Banzai is inflatable water slide build from Dura-Tech construction for maximum durability. It’s easy to inflate with the included continuous airflow blower motor. Banzai slides easily attaches to any garden house. It can hold up to 200lbs and Inflates in less than 3 minutes. It will make your kids summer holiday fun and cool. Right now Banzai offer more than 50 variants of banzai water slide.

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