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I recently purchased this saw

Posted on October 17th, 2010 by admin  |  Comments Off on I recently purchased this saw

I recently purchased this saw, and boy am impressed! The test tool for a major renovation company Orange! I tried Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi miter saws and others. This time, Hitachi is a cut above the rest! They made some improvements C10F. In particular, they have a greater thickness of the left / right wall of the aluminum, the previous version have a problem with the fence crack! Dusting (and lots of dust in the bag) of this Hitachi miter saw is almost twice (or more) during the C10F.
The dust is large and can accomidate a wide range of vacuum systems. Note that all of the vacuum (which is connected to the suction pipe) is aluminum, not plastic, as in the case of most of the mountains! Thinggy behind the rubber blade is doing its job. The closing of the play is good and strong, although easy to get out of the way when not needed! I did not come with the sleeve of the dust of the tracks (as many have written in their comments here.)

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One of the best small miter saws

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Like many others, I checked all the other models available and read reviews. This saw is slightly cheaper than the LS1216 with the fluorescent light which made it very attractive. The llegar you quickly and further comments on the package of being poor was correct. The saw was not locked in the area and have had cosmetic damage in one place. The location of the double barrel reduces the depth of the unit which is a great advantage in all stores. The smooth movement in all directions is very good. Adjusting the depth of cut I did not find mentioned in the comments or information from the manufacturers was an added bonus. Makita Miter Saw feature allows you nuts or grooves with depth to stop the changes in the way back to the full depth of cut. All-in-all this is a great addition to my shop and replaced the 10 “Craftsman radial arm saw and a Dewalt 12” miter .

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fein 6-37-17-085-04-5 120 grit multimaster hook & loop sandpaper

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The fine 6-37-17-085-04-5 is a pack of 5, 120 Grit MultiMaster Hook and sandpaper. The paper 120 has no holes and comes with a Velcro closure for easy assembly. FEIN Tools Multimaster sandpaper for universal use on all materials such as wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass reinforced plastics, paints, cleaning, welding, leather etc.

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